Newsprint for young readers

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Put young readers in the editors place.
Let them make the decisions; newspaper format, content, design, publication days, etc.
How will it turn out?
Well, we´ll soon have the answer.

What kind of content will be importent when the the breaking news is out on all kinds of mobile devices?

Is it true that next generation readers do not care about the printed news? That we’ll soon see the last printed newspaper?

I don’t believe so! The young generations are quite into the printed news, I would say, along with all other media channels, of course. They care, and they should.

I have worked with teenagers for ten years at the Mediacenter at Sundsvalls Tidning. When comparing the impact of web vs print, young readers them self would rather be exposed in print than in web based news. And projects regarding printed products usually generated more interest. They clearly put more value in the printed product.

So, this last year I have been working with different development projects at a media company in mid Sweden. One of the things we asked was: ”What would the newspaper look like if we let the teenagers make the editorial decisions?”

I initiated a project around this issue, aiming for a printed product designed by the teens. Starting with focus groups, followed by meetings and planning in the classroom. After that the participants started to develop their own newspaper from scratch.

I’m now working with two teams of students at two different high schools. The project started in early spring and will end up with a printed newspaper in the beginning of September. The results will be printed at the most modern newsprint printing plant in Sweden and presented at the SND Cleveland Workshop.

I’m very excited to see the final result!

The students discusses the page layout.

Discussions going on in groups with different issues on the schedule.

The project is going to be finished during September and the result will be a newspaper of a very different size. Some other facts:

  • Printed at the most modern printing plant in Sweden, MittMedia Print, Sundsvall.
  • Printed on a new quality of newsprint paper from the leading factory SCA papermill, Ortviken, Sundsvall.
  • This experimental newspaper will be produced in cooperation with Sundsvalls Nyheter, a weekly free distributed newspaper with most readers in the area.
  • The two student groups are from two different schools, Thoren Business School and NTI highschool.


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