A newspaper in black and white – a real success

Retro-design, Sundsvalls Nyheter

Retro-design, Sundsvalls Nyheter September 2012.

This newspaper is published once a year, in black and white. And a great success!
It is produced for a historical city festival in Sundsvall, Sweden, called ”Stenstansdagarna”. This year for the fourth time. 

As one of the members in the project group for the festival, one of my first ideas was this retro newspaper. And it became a great success among readers as well as advertisers.

The design is inspired by newspapers printed about 100 years ago. And readers of all ages loved to read the historical articles from the ”Stone City” (Stenstan). That name has its origins from the summer 1888, when the entire city was destroyed in the greatest city fire in the history of Sweden. Sundsvall was at that time a city with most wooden houses. After the fire, no buildings in wood was allowed in the down town area.

Here you can download the retro newspaper as pdf 6,9 Mb (16 pages tabloid).

Sundsvall, after the big fire 1888
Sundsvall, after the big fire 1888
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