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April 2011 I left my assignment as Media Deveopment Manager at Sundsvalls Tidning and started my own company ”Boström Design & Utveckling AB” (”Boström Design & Development).

I have two tracks for my company. The first is consulting and assignments in graphic design and editorial development. The first year has included work for printed products, for the web and editorial focus groups.

The second track is postcards and photos from my hometown. Most historical photos, but also new images, under the brand Design Sundsvall.


Green sky

Together with my wife Katarina I also produce art work with a unique technique developed by our selfs. Our brand for the artwork is Art by 2 hearts.

My two bloggs are, Sundsvallsbloggen.se, (about what´s up in my hometown), and Boströms Blogg, (about media and media development).